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The great golf technique of legendary Tiger Woods (Part 1)

Currently, in most golf sports, golf putting technique is usually one of the main techniques, in order to perform it needs an appropriate putter. In particular, one of the legends capable of making a nearly accurate putter can mention Tiger Woods. Along with Golftimes find out the superior golf putting technique of Tiger Woods is no different.

The latest statistics show that Tiger Woods has successfully completed 255 trial putter with an accuracy of up to 99.61% of success rate (2017). This is considered one of the almost perfect performance of a golfer.

In particular, from 2004 to 2008, the distance of each successful putter of this legend is 6 feet longer than the average at the Tour. This is really one of the very “respectable” numbers of the legendary Tiger Woods in golf putting technique.

Experts say that Tiger Wood often stands with feet shoulder-to-shoulder, while the upper body is slightly bent at an angle of ~ 30 degrees from the vertical. In particular, to prepare for the moves to create his top shots, the eyes of this putter legend often turn up the golf ball.

Technique 1. Stand a little bent before performing putting green

Usually, before making a golf ball, Tiger Woods often stand slightly bent. The golfer then holds the golf club in his left palm, while his right hand is placed parallel to his left hand to create perpendicular directions to the putter.

Especially in his lies, Tiger often uses overlapping grip, opposite of the left index finger, to enhance the connection with the fingers. Thus, help the ball can hit the maximum strength of their own.

Next, constantly moving the stick back and forth, creating consistency in movement as well as a habit of hitting. Help the golf club in the right direction and have the ability to control the distance from the shoulder to the arm according to the rules available.

In addition, Tiger’s right arm will now relax more towards the knee to create the ability to control itself in the shot and perform a light stroke to help the ball roll into the hole in the most accurate and perfect way.

That is why creating the top golf dribbles, helping the legend in this world golf village achieve success in many tournaments.

Golf tournaments

The Premier Golf League approaches Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods listened to the Premier Golf League (PGL) talk about a project to set up a professional golf tournament system that competes with the PGA Tour.

According to the earliest launch plan in 2022, PGL is a worldwide tournament system, with 48 star golfers divided into 12 teams, competing against each other through 54 holes each. The total initial prize fund of the system is 240 million USD, with a schedule of 18 stages, including 10 stages in the US. This is a product of World Golf Group based in the United Kingdom developed by the unit under Team Golf Concept.

The goal of PGL is to create more events to bring together the best brothers. In the old days, big names gathered only five times a year at four major and The Players Championship. We wanted more opportunities. Then, the WGC tournaments were born, helping the big names meet more at the peak events. So the arena is the evolution of nature. Whether or not it will come sooner or later.

PGL is considered a potential competitor of PGA Tour. But to do that, the new project needs to convince contemporary big stars, with the top priority being the owners of 15 major, to join.

The birth of PGL was revealed when the Farmers Insurance Open took place from 23-26 / 1. Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson expressed openness to new ideas, but declined to comment because not enough information. At the end of January, the five-time grand champion of Saudi International, was spotted with the top team of Team Golf Concept in Pro-Am. Later, Mickelson said it was a day filled with interesting information.

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour showed a fierce attitude towards the idea of ​​organizing PGL. Special envoy Jay Monahan sent a memorandum to the golfers, reiterated the terms of the binding, and warned not to “catch two-handed fish”. Monahan confirmed PGL is financially supported from Saudi Arabia for the purpose of competing and creating a direct conflict with the PGA Tour. Special envoy Keith Pelley of the European Tour made a similar move to his counterpart at the PGA Tour.

Golf courses

Discover the oldest golf courses in the world (Part 2)

Royal County Down Golf Course (Ireland)

This golf course was founded in 1889 in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. With an 18-hole course design and 7,200 yards wide it always challenges golfers at all levels.

The special feature of Royal County Down is that the 4th and 9th holes on the course are listed in the list of the world’s best 500 holes. The yard is designed with 2 sub-yards, The Championship and Annesley.

Royal County Down was officially put into operation in March 1889, designed by the hand of Old Tom Morris. The impressive design of the golf course is the identical mountain ranges and the picturesque nature. With the narrowest fairway with impressive sand dunes.

Not only is the golf course long-standing, but the Royal County Down is also known as the best golf course in the world. Hole 9 is one of the most beautiful pits in the world, par4 / 486 yards starting from a large mound to the fairway 60 feet and 260 yards from the teebox.

Lahinch Golf Course (Ire Land)

This is the oldest coastal golf course in the world, the course is made up of a combination of the village of Lahinch village and the northern coastline of Munster, Ireland.

This golf course was found and completed in 2892. Found in 1893. The course has been marked with numerous tournaments and shoe prints by professional golfers such as Joe Carr (1969), Darren Clarke (1989), Paul McGinley (1991) and Graeme McDowell (2000), etc. Lahinch Golf Course (Ireland).

Lahinch is always a golf course that attracts many golfers to visit and experience. What makes the impression of this golf course is not only in its history but also in its beauty, both classical and mysterious. If Once done golf tourism, do not miss the opportunity to set foot on this golf course!

In addition, the Muirfield golf course (Scotland – built in 1891) and Poortmarnock (Ireland – built in 1894) are also listed as the oldest golf courses in the world, where heated matches take place.

The oldest golf courses in the world are always great destinations that golfers cannot miss. If you ever come to this golf course, in addition to watching and discovering the inherent beauty, do not miss the opportunity to experience the round of golf on the golf course full of fun with friends!

Golf courses

Discover the oldest golf courses in the world (Part 1)

The golf courses with the oldest history in the world are St Andrew, Royal County Down, Lahinch, etc. There are often big tournaments and shoe prints of legendary golfers. Ancient golf has always attracted golfers and became a soul of green sport.

According to many sources, golf was born in the 15th century, in Scotland. Over a long time of formation and development, golf is a sport that attracts a large number of players worldwide and the number of fans is constantly increasing.

In addition to technical stories, scores, golf village legends, people often learn about golf courses with a rich history. From there, explore the characteristics of golf course construction and design in the world over time and add to the love and passion of this green sport.

For a long time, golf was not only known for its strict rules and special techniques but also for its elaborate and impressive golf course design. And the first golf courses in the world still exist, become a soul, a beauty of golf.

St Andrews Old Course Golf Course (Scotland)

St Andrews Old Course was built in 1400 in Scotland, which is considered the hometown of golf and also the birthplace of the oldest golf law in the world. Do not just wait until you arrive at the golf course to admire the beauty of the old golf course.

To get to the golf course, you will weave through small paths, past wheat fields, and green pastures. Go all the way there, a golf course opens before you with classic beauty.

A special feature of this golf course is the fairway and the green that connects hole 1 and hole 18. Separation between a stone bridge, where the footprints of the top golfers in the world.

This golf course is attracting famous golfers, politicians, billionaires in the world. In addition, the golf course also regularly organizes golf tournaments in which The Open Championship is the oldest golf tournament in history.

St Andrews Links is a 7-course golf course designed in the form of “Links Course”, including Old Course, The Castle Course, New Course, Jubilee Course, Eden Course, Strathtyrum Course, and Balgove Coursem.

This 464 year old golf course has two outstanding challenges: wind and bunker. The course surface and fairway conditions of the course are very suitable for the peak games, the rough grass (outside the green and the fairway) in most Scotland courts is usually natural, so whenever the ball is outside the fairway, You have to consider the defense solution rather than attacking the flag.

Golf tournaments

Top 6 most prestigious golf tournaments in the world (Part 2)

3. British Open

Is the oldest golf tournament in the four major majors of the first professional golf world held on 17/10/1860. This tournament is only held in the UK during 4 days from Thursday to Sunday and is held alternately on the pitch of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Also, the tournament takes place sometime after the US Open and before the PGA Championship.

Currently, the Open Championship world golf has 156 leading golf professionals in the world to join with amateur champions. The remaining opportunity to participate will be given to golfers both amateur and professional with outstanding achievements in qualifying.

4. PGA Championship

An annual tournament of the American Professional Golf Association and only held in the United States. The prize of this tournament is up to 8 million USD of PGA Tour, European Tour and Japan Golf Tour.

To participate in this tournament, golfers must be in the ranking from 1 to 100 in the world golf rankings and golfers who have won the PGA system from the previous years have the right to participate in the tournament next year. In particular, the PGA Championship is invited to compete for the next five years and will be exempted from qualifying for a lifetime for this tournament.

5. Major U.S. Open Women’s Championship

In addition to the four prestigious tournaments mentioned above, the Women’s Open is also one of the six world-class golf tournaments for the world’s top professional golfer.

6. Ryder Cup teammate tournament

A tournament that is the most different from the one we just shared above. This is a team tournament under the guidance of the captain and vice-captain. Before becoming a European and American tournament, the Ryder Cup was a tournament between England and the USA.

The tournament can play differently from Open, The Master, PGA Championship, namely as follows.

Foursome is a playing method in which each team consists of 2 golfers and each golfer will hit the ball alternately with the same ball. The team with the fewest golf clubs wins at that hole.

Fourball is a method of playing every team of 2 golfers will play with their own ball instead of rotating ball. At each hole, the team with the individual who wins the least points wins.

Above are 6 most prestigious leagues in the world, each of which has many unique points and attractions, with each of these giving golfers a great experience to conquer golf.

Golf tournaments

Top 6 most prestigious golf tournaments in the world (Part 1)

Every year thousands of small and large golf tournaments around the world. However, only the big tournaments that bring together famous golfers are noticed by many fans and look forward to every day and every hour. Golfnet scores 6 most prestigious golf tournaments in the world today.

1. The Masters golf tournament

The Masters is the first annual golf tournament in April. Calculated so that the last round of golf will end on the second Sunday of April each year. It is one of the four largest and most prestigious golf tournaments in the world.

The Masters World Golf Tournament first took place in 1934 at the Augusta National Course in Georgia, where the tournament is still held.

With a total prize of up to 9 million USD this will certainly be the tournament with the highest prize and the most expected golfer of the year.

Each year, the tournament gathers around 50 to 60 professional golf golfer leading the world. This is a tournament with a number of special traditions, not to mention the green vest called Green Jacket is considered the most prestigious award in the sports world.

2. The US Open prize

The US Open world golf tournament is organized by the American golf association in the middle of June every year and ends on the third Sunday of June. This is the second tournament in the four major events of the world golf village and It is also the official schedule of European Tour and PGA Tour.

The US Open golf tournament was first held at the Newport Country Club (Rhode Island) golf course on October 4, 1895. This grand tournament is quite special in terms of venue, each year will be held at different golf courses around the United States.

The selection of golf courses to organize the tournament is very strict, most of the courses are long, high rough grass, narrow fairway and short grass on the green making the ball rolling very quickly, giving players new challenges difficult to conquer.