Afer 94 years being held as an Open tournament, Genesis Invitational is recognized as one of the official event which belongs to PGA Tour with a lot of positive changes in rules and formats recently. As the old name of “Los Angeles Open” during the first period of being held in 1926, the tournament has been under a lot of name changes as the requirement from different sponsors. 

This year, Genesis Invitational will kick off its 58th season on Riviera golf course, par71, which is hosted mainly by Tiger Woods and TGR organizing department. 

The annual rewarding price of Genesis Invitational in 2020 is evaluated to be 9,3 million USD, increasing around 2 million USD in comparison to the previous year. Apart from the cup plus 1,675 million USD rewarded money, this year champion will also be offered the golden chance to take part in PGA Tour in the next 3 years, instead of 2 years like other common golf tournaments.

Just a few days ago, 5 most outstanding golfers names have been released by PGA Tour who created greatest HIO in The Genesis Invitational last week.

The first name is Justin Rose, an English professional golfer, who has taken part in most levels of golfing in PGA Tour, however, he still took part in as a member during Europe golfing tournaments.

The second name came to Tiger Wood- the American professional golfer, who is considered as one of the greatest and most successful golfers of all time.

The next one is Bryson Dechambeau, who is an American professional golfer playing for PGA Tour. Brooks Koeoka is also another must-known name with great hit. The last one is Rory Mciroy, who is a South Ireland professional golfer.



The most prestigious golfer of the world Butch Harmon shared that the utter arrogance has been playing an important part in the Tiger Woods’ golf career success.

“Arrogance is an essential character to maximize and motivate one’s endowed talent, and then help turn one into the greatest. Inside one golfer are different characters, either good or bad ones, and these are greatly disposed when he/she is playing on the course. Tiger is an example. Golfers like him just want harsh competing atmosphere and become the  winner. Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka are similar.”, Butch Harmon said during an intimate talk through Instagram with his son – Claude, who is also a golf coach, on the 26th April.

Woods, at the age of 44, has gained 15 major titles on the collection of 82 PGA Tour cups. 8 first majors of the well-known golfer come during the period he worked with Harmon, from 1993 to 2004. The experienced coach also commented that during 24 previous years of chasing different cups and titles, Woods has always become a different version of his daily person.

Harmon also compared Woods with Jack Nicklaus – this 80-year-old legend has always been unpredictable and knows himself more than anyone else. 

“They eat meals, have fun, chatter with friends just like you. However, when it comes to competing, they must fight over you if you are the opponent. Sometimes, Jack Nicklaus is also one of them. You can not visualize their true colors through their behaviors.” Harmon said.

Woods has soon exposed his arrogance and the habit of “torturing the prey” on the golf course before he becomes the most famous golf star. A remarkable example for this character of Woods is his 6 successive victories in an amateur golfing tournament before becoming a professional one. 


Doug Sanders – Golfer being the first runner-up of The Major 4 times passed away at the age of 86

Dug Sanders – golfer whose nickname is the ”Peacock on the Fairway” sadly passed away on the 12th, April in Houston at the age of 86. This information has been confirmed by PGA through Dug’s ex-wife.

Born in 1933 in Georgia, nearby Dug’s house was a small 9-hole golf course. Since he was knee-high go grasshopper, Sanders learned to play golf on his own and developed the skill of swinging. He studied at a Florida university and took part in the university golf team in 1 year. When he was just an amateur golfer, he already gained a victory in PGA Tour when he successfully defeated Down Finsterwald after a lot of play-off matches in the Canadian Open tournament in 1956. After this event, he began to be a professional golfer.

Getting the nickname as ”the peacock on the fairway”, Sanders made a great impression on others throughout various golf plays by wearing and mixing shirts, trousers, and shoes in different colors. Not only impressing others by his appearance but also Doug Sanders gained a lot of titles and outstanding victory with 20 win matches in PGA Tour. Among all of these titles, especially in 1961, Sanders won 5 times and one time was the first runner-up in the U.S Open. At this year, he ranked 3rd on the list of top golfers regarding of money awarded of PGA Tour.

Throughout his career of professional golfing, Doug Sanders had been the first-runner totally 4 times in the Major tournaments. During these matches, he was lost to Jack Nicklaus 2 times in The Open in 1966 and 1970. Until now, the record has still been set in The 1970 Open when Sanders only needed to score par on the last hole for the final victory, however, he failed on the 3 feet hole and the playoff facing with Jack Nicklaus in the next day. This is one of the most memorable moments in former Doug Sanders’ golfing career.



2 prestigious golfers, which are Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, are under discussion to arrange another rematch. The rematch reward is evaluated to be around 9 million USD.

The detailed information about this rematch was unveiled during a Q&A between Phill Mickelson and his fans on Twitter on the 30th of March. An account named Chris Yurko asked: “Dear Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, have two of you ever thought about a rematch with a camera on, then livestream it for worldwide golf fans? We need to watch online sports, especially golf during these days.”

“We’re on our ways.” – Mickelson replied. Another fan tried to figure it out: “Do not tell joke to us, do you?” and Mickelson replied once again: “This is totally not a joke!” 

Before this, Mickelson used to reveal a rematch where there will be other famous sports figures, and two sportsmen which were predicted have been superstar Tom Brady and Peyton Manning of NFL.

Sports and tournaments all over the world have ceased due to Covid-19, and it’s hard to foreseen when they will be continued. If the rematch between Mickelson and Woods will become real the 2nd time, there is high possibility that this event will be held behind the doors. According to The Sun (England), the reward of this 2nd rematch will still be 9 million USD. 

The first rematch between Woods and Mickelson took place on Shadow Creek golf course in Nevada in the 23rd of November, 2018. After 18 holes, the play had been still under an indissoluble situation. The match only came to an end after the 4th round with the victory belonging to Mickelson. He was rewarded a staggering prize of 9 million USD. Besides, all of their betting money on this play, which was around 800.000 USD, was donated to charity fund.


South African golfer accidentally discovered nCoV infection

Victor Lange goes to the hospital to treat his girlfriend’s injuries and finds himself infected.

Lange, 26, is a Latinoameria member – the second-class system of the PGA Tour specifically for South America. Less than three weeks ago, he eagerly entered the new season and looks forward to winning tickets to the First Division. At Estrella del Mar Open in Mexico, Lange finished in the T51 group, won $731 and then flew back to his home country in South Africa to relax on March 9.

For the next six days, Lange had fun with his girlfriend Gabriella van Niekerk and some friends. They go swimming, go on a picnic in Durban. On the penultimate day of March 14 in the schedule, Van Niekerk injured his toe and had to go to the hospital the next day.

When she and Lange arrived, the doctors checked the season information with symptoms questions for him. Through this section, the problem arises when Lange said the history of moving abroad in the past 21 days.

After the sampling procedure, Lange informed his parents in Johannesburg and talked about renting a room through the Airbnb service to wait for the results of the test. But because the family has not seen each other since going to a tournament in Mexico and there is no sign of illness, Lange and his girlfriend go home.

On March 17, the doctor announced that Lange was positive for nCoV. Although no typical symptoms were good news, the health authorities asked him and the people concerned to isolate at home. At the end of the call, Lange left the bedroom to share his affair with his parents and his girlfriend.

Lange has passed half the time of isolation and is still healthy. After two weeks, he will be further tested according to the Covid-19 epidemic medical procedure.

During this time, Lange stayed up at 7am, exercising twice a day. He videos of physical activities, including golf, then sends it to his friends to let them know he’s still active. This golfer has his own dinner, making himself a place to eat when he’s finished eating.

Lange called and sent e-mail to many golfers in Latinoameria. Unable to determine where the virus was infected, but he found himself needing to report quickly.

Lange has been a professional competitor since 2016, after graduating from Louisiana School of Technology in the US. He has 14 times cut through 24 events at the PGA Tour Latinoameria, with $ 27,300 prize money.