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Tiger Woods felt great eagerness to take part in the PGA Championship

Appearing at TPC Harding Park from 2/8, “Super Tiger” seems anxious before the opportunity to set a record of 83 titles at the PGA Tour.
Due to Covid-19, the PGA Championship from August 6 to August 9 will became the first major event in 2020. If winning this prize, Woods will break the top 82 titles at this present being shared with the legendary Sam Snead and he will own 16 major.
In preparation for conquering new milestones, Woods went to TPC Harding Park since Sunday morning last week. This was Woods’s first visit to the pitch after the 2009 Presidents Cup. It took him several hours to get inside the pitch because he waited for the nCoV test results. Accompanied the American superstar was caddie Joe LaCava and Rob McNamara – backup advisor and Vice President of Tiger Woods Ventures Group.
Early in the afternoon of the same day, Woods began to inspect the battlefield, but he went back from the second half to the first half of the field. In the second half of the round, Woods joined the team with Jason Dufner – the PGA Championship 2013. During the round, he repeatedly handled the ball situation, focused on the green, and felt relaxed. Scoring 18 holes is also a rare thing to take place because, throughout the year, Woods often failed to play the entire round of the field and cut events in his personal schedule.
Although the PGA Tour reopened on June 11 and has gone through nine stages, Woods has only played four rounds, all at Memorial from July 16-19. He complained this was because of his back hurts after 36 pits, then he finishes the T40 with a score of +6 and self-assesses his normal condition. It has also been Woods’ only debut since mid-February.

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In the 2021 Presidents Cup, the International Team will have a new head coach whose name is Trevor Immelman. This announcement is officially posted on Golfweek on the 8th of April and has been confirmed by PGA Tour

Immelman is the assistant of head coach Ernie Els during the Presidents Cup 2019 and he was expected to help make all losing matches and failures of the International team come to a halt in this prestigious golf tournament. All performances of the International Team have not been highly appreciated since 1998.

Throughout his playing career, Trevor Immelman has won 11 titles and championship. Among all of them, the most prestigious and memorable title which Trevor Immelman has won must come to The Masters championship in 2008. It was a resounding victory after Trevor Immelman successfully defeating Tiger Woods with 3 gap points.  Previously, he used to rank the 5h in this tournament in 2005 and the 6th in PGA Championship 2007. Immelman also took part in the formation of the International Team twice in 2005 and 2007. However, it was not a satisfying experience for Trevor Immelman when throughout 8 matches in which he took part, there was only 1 winning match, 1 draw and meanwhile, 6 losing matches.

Trevor Immelman will be the 7th head coach of The International Team and the 3th South African head coach after Garry Player (2003, 2005, 2007), Ernie Els (2019). At the age of 41, Trevor is also the youngest head coach throughout the International Team competition history. 

Presidents Cup 2021 will take place from the 30th of September to the 3rd of October on the Quail Hollow Club.

Before this final decision, the International Team used to announce 3 preliminary vice coaches for Presidents Cup. Former head coach Ernie Els decided to place his faith in 3 assistants including Choi Kyung-Ju, Trevor Immelman and Mike Weir.