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Covid-19 and recollection of Nick Watney

On June 19, Nick Watney became the first PGA Tour golfer infected with Covid-19, before starting the second round of the RBC Heritage at the Harbor Town Golf Link.

PGA Tour reopened the arena from June 11, with the first leg of Charles Schwab Challenge clean nCoV. The good news came not long after the next week, the 39-year-old was found infected and withdrew from the RBC Heritage after the opening round hit 74 strokes.
Watney suddenly became the focus of attention in Harbor Town, but not from what is shown in the game. After a period of treatment and returning to the competition, the golfer who owns 5 Tour titles has shared on Golf Digest about his “surreal” experience with Covid-19.
At the time of receiving a positive nCoV result, Watney was frightened because there was less information about the virus than today. He also stayed with his wife and children before, had scrims with colleagues and interacted with many people. “I definitely don’t want to infect anyone. When everyone was tested negative, things got a little more relieved.
Watney attracted more attention from the media. “I started making interview requests that I never received before. At one point, I got a place on “The Today Show”, something that even my greatest success with the game has yet to achieve, “Watney shared about the unique memory that came with returning becomes the first tour golfer to become infected. “It’s strange to see my name on ESPN’s bottom line every few minutes, for a problem not related to my golfing.”
Having just been rematched after three months of hiatus, and then another two weeks of medical isolation, Watney did not perform as expected. However, Watney does not believe that Covid-19 is the main reason why he repeatedly missed the cut and only two tournaments won the weekend in the second half of 2020.
In addition, Watney also positively assessed the way that the Tour set up a barrier for disease screening and prevention. “I think the executives have done a great job, with the tournaments going well and seriously. We have been playing again for six months. Obviously there are new cases but at most a week, only a few cases or even less ”.