South African golfer accidentally discovered nCoV infection

Victor Lange goes to the hospital to treat his girlfriend’s injuries and finds himself infected.

Lange, 26, is a Latinoameria member – the second-class system of the PGA Tour specifically for South America. Less than three weeks ago, he eagerly entered the new season and looks forward to winning tickets to the First Division. At Estrella del Mar Open in Mexico, Lange finished in the T51 group, won $731 and then flew back to his home country in South Africa to relax on March 9.

For the next six days, Lange had fun with his girlfriend Gabriella van Niekerk and some friends. They go swimming, go on a picnic in Durban. On the penultimate day of March 14 in the schedule, Van Niekerk injured his toe and had to go to the hospital the next day.

When she and Lange arrived, the doctors checked the season information with symptoms questions for him. Through this section, the problem arises when Lange said the history of moving abroad in the past 21 days.

After the sampling procedure, Lange informed his parents in Johannesburg and talked about renting a room through the Airbnb service to wait for the results of the test. But because the family has not seen each other since going to a tournament in Mexico and there is no sign of illness, Lange and his girlfriend go home.

On March 17, the doctor announced that Lange was positive for nCoV. Although no typical symptoms were good news, the health authorities asked him and the people concerned to isolate at home. At the end of the call, Lange left the bedroom to share his affair with his parents and his girlfriend.

Lange has passed half the time of isolation and is still healthy. After two weeks, he will be further tested according to the Covid-19 epidemic medical procedure.

During this time, Lange stayed up at 7am, exercising twice a day. He videos of physical activities, including golf, then sends it to his friends to let them know he’s still active. This golfer has his own dinner, making himself a place to eat when he’s finished eating.

Lange called and sent e-mail to many golfers in Latinoameria. Unable to determine where the virus was infected, but he found himself needing to report quickly.

Lange has been a professional competitor since 2016, after graduating from Louisiana School of Technology in the US. He has 14 times cut through 24 events at the PGA Tour Latinoameria, with $ 27,300 prize money.