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Ending the intense BMW Championship 2020 tournament with the final championship belonging to golfer Joh Rah, this helped Jon Rah to beat Dustin Johnson and get his first win at the Fedex Cup Playoffs that took place the previous week.

It can be said that the BMW Championship 2020 ended in an unforgettable way with the competition of 2 excellent golfers thriving for the championship title and leaving many memorable emotions for the fans.

John Rahm scored a birdie from nearly 20.1 meters to defeat Dustin Johnson in the bottom hole and win the BMW Championship.
The last round at Olympia Fields, par70 recorded John Rahm hitting 64 strokes, breaking the recent record of the league achievement – 66 strokes which he himself set in the penultimate round. Meanwhile, Dustin Johnson finished 18 holes with 67 strokes. Because of the same finish at -4, both must decide whether to win or lose at 18 par4, 498 yards.
At the top of this hole, Dustin Johnson caught the ball on the left side of the tree and was thrown back to the fairway. John Rahm also went in the same direction, but passed the top, going 366 yards. Both went green after the second shot, but Dustin Johnson had an advantage over John Rahm because he was closer to the hole. With the further ball position, John Rahm putt first. 20.1 meters from the target’s mouth, he chooses the left putt. John Rahm rolled the clubface with enough force to move the ball roll to the top of the slope and then down and straight into the crater to collect the birdies. Meanwhile, Johnson only hit par after two putts.