Golf courses


After quite a long time of temporarily closing all the public golfing activities because of social distancing measurement to avoid the outbreak of Covid-19, some golf complexes belonging to Trump Organization has recently been kicked off again.

In the 1st May, the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Club complex was opened to welcome all their members back to the courses. One day later, customers of the hotel are also entitled to play golf in here. However, golf players need to be addressed to new strict rules including: wearing face masks while coming to the club house, completely execute social distancing measure in anywhere, anytime, not doing hand shakes or sharing personal golf equipment, restricting utilizing electronic maneuvering cars.

3 other golf courses belonging to the Trump Organization have also opened however, are still available for the courses’ member, including 

Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida (on the 29/4), Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey and Trump National Golf Club Washington, DC in Potomac Falls VA. They were all reopened on the previous Saturday.

Reopening the course again after one month being “frozen” as being on the list of unnecessary businesses, according to the local authority has really been the greatest news for most of US residents, not only for golf addicts but also for the golf staffs who have been unemployed during the hard time of locking down the golf courses, hotels, restaurants due to Covid-19.

According to the Wall magazine, Trump Organization’s revenue has seen a lost of 1 billion USD each day because of being locked down. 

Moreover, this magazine revealed that this firm has cut down on almost 1500 staffs who worked for their hotels in America and Canada.