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Golf fans are happier than fans of other sports

A recent study revealed that golf fans are happy and engaged to interact with the side activities of the sport.
Specifically, Britain’s number one online golf equipment store (Golfsupport) conducted a survey of 6,530 sports fans around the globe. From there, based on the obtained data, we analyzed the fan satisfaction rating, the like – dislike rate (like and dislike) of the videos on Youtube and the level of interaction on social networks. . The results showed that golf ranked number one.

With a happiness index of 90.8 / 100, golf fans topped the list of 10 sports including athletics, tennis, Formula 1 racing, cricket, baseball, boxing, basketball, American rugby and soccer. . The golf fan also has the highest satisfaction (satisfaction) rating among the fans surveyed, with 90.3 / 100.
During the survey, Golfsupport asked fans how satisfied they were on a scale of 1 to 10 with the accessibility of a subject’s coverage, personal experience, support costs, and interests. enjoy playing as well as idol, ideal role model for that sport. There was also a level of fan excitement when watched live; the payment of expenses for related goods; the degree of satisfaction with the president or head director; complexity in the rules of the game and associated sponsors.

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Hudson Swafford wins the Corales Puntacana golf tournament

Thanks to the result of 69 strokes in the final round, Swafford brought back the second trophy on the PGA Tour after three years of “white title” and being crowned CareerBuilder Challenge 2017.
For all four days, Swafford was part of the group of contenders for the title. With 65 clubs opening on September 24, Swafford shared the top of the table with three other golfers and took the lead over the next 18 holes, despite being stung by a wasp in his right hand. By the third round, Swafford gave up his position to Adam Long but was still able to win the trophy because it was close to the top of Long’s -17 group with a 2-stroke difference.

On the day of the decisive match, Swafford for a moment had a four-stroke lead. Starting from hole 1 of the par72 stadium in the Dominican Republic, Swafford was not only clean of bogey but also collected three birdies with the same Eagle score over the first eight holes. However, a golfer born in 1987 made a mistake with a double bogey in hole 13 and bogey on hole 15 while Tyler McCumber stabilized to close the gap. However, Swafford did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the full 500 FedEx Cup points as well as the ticket to The Masters 2021 thanks to the birdie point at the penultimate hole to bring back the 69-club round.
Swafford became the third player in a row at Corales Puntacana to win the title at -18, behind Graeme McDowell and Brice Garnett. At -17, McCumber finished runner-up while last season runner Mackenzie Hughes finished third (-16). The two top 5 golfers are Nate Lashley (-15) and Adam Long (-14).

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When the NBA giant whipped the golf ball on the club

Tacko Fall – the tallest player in the American professional basketball league – looked wobbly in his swing, not as brave as he was on the NBA.
Fall, 24, is a striker for the Boston Celtics. He is 2.26 meters tall with an arm span of 2.54 meters. Recently, Fall comforted his colleague Mo Bamba with a height of 2.13 meters and an arm span of 2.36 meters on the Disney World Theme Park golf course in Orlando. Bamba, 22, is also a striker in the Orlando Magic squad.
In a fairway situation, Fall used a driver stick even though it was mainly to kick the ball from the top of the hole. Bamba recorded the progress and then posted it on his personal Instagram. The video was then re-shared on the Boston Celtics account.
“Although the swing was short and ended incorrectly, Fall turned his hips well. He used his main force with his shoulder blades and chest, but it was executed by his loose grip and unsteady feet,” says Golf analysis. What’s more? Fall’s club may also have been “re-calibrated” to match the right single position because of his height.
Before Fall and Bamba, defender J.J. New Orleans Pelicans Redick plays 36 holes by the end of the week. After the first round, he promised to drink up a liter of beer can once if his golf video reached 10,000 shares. And Redick had to keep his promise.
The NBA teams which are in secret battles are gathered at Disney World Orlando. Away from their families and not being allowed to go out of this golfing world to avoid infection, the players are compensated by enjoying the most fantastic recreational facilities being available inside the epidemic barrier such as swimming pools, fishing, and movie theaters. ..and the golf course.

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Tiger Woods felt great eagerness to take part in the PGA Championship

Appearing at TPC Harding Park from 2/8, “Super Tiger” seems anxious before the opportunity to set a record of 83 titles at the PGA Tour.
Due to Covid-19, the PGA Championship from August 6 to August 9 will became the first major event in 2020. If winning this prize, Woods will break the top 82 titles at this present being shared with the legendary Sam Snead and he will own 16 major.
In preparation for conquering new milestones, Woods went to TPC Harding Park since Sunday morning last week. This was Woods’s first visit to the pitch after the 2009 Presidents Cup. It took him several hours to get inside the pitch because he waited for the nCoV test results. Accompanied the American superstar was caddie Joe LaCava and Rob McNamara – backup advisor and Vice President of Tiger Woods Ventures Group.
Early in the afternoon of the same day, Woods began to inspect the battlefield, but he went back from the second half to the first half of the field. In the second half of the round, Woods joined the team with Jason Dufner – the PGA Championship 2013. During the round, he repeatedly handled the ball situation, focused on the green, and felt relaxed. Scoring 18 holes is also a rare thing to take place because, throughout the year, Woods often failed to play the entire round of the field and cut events in his personal schedule.
Although the PGA Tour reopened on June 11 and has gone through nine stages, Woods has only played four rounds, all at Memorial from July 16-19. He complained this was because of his back hurts after 36 pits, then he finishes the T40 with a score of +6 and self-assesses his normal condition. It has also been Woods’ only debut since mid-February.


DeChambeau has been criticized for being detrimental to golf

Royal & Ancient CEO (R&A) Martin Slumbers was taken aback, however showed his disapproval towards Bryson DeChambeau’s practicing distance kicking at the PGA Tour.

“I was hypnotized by Bryson. I’m not sure I can remember any athletes who could impressively change their body shapes as quickly as Bryson. Bryson is a special case. Despite the fact that he was not the one who gain more muscles to competing in different golf rounds, he is extraordinary in his physical strength and ability to control the ball with the new body shape.”, the top executive of R&A told Sportsmail on 13/7. R&A and the American Golf Association (USGA) together manage and develop the world of golf.

After a long break due to Covid-19, DeChambeau re-appeared just at the same time PGA Tour reopened on June 11. This golfer underwent great fitness training to gain muscles and 10 kg, which turned his weight into 108 kg with a height of 1.85 meters. Thanks to this body size, he can reach now the ball which speeds up to 305 km per hour and often hits the 350-yard milestone when using the driver sticks.

With an average distance of 323 yards, DeChambeau is now the CEO of the PGA Tour in terms of ball-kicking which brought back positive results. During the five closed events since the opening, DeChambeau attended four and finished in the top 8, became the champion of Rocket Mortgage Classic on July 5th. He didn’t attend the Workday Charity Open last week.
However Slumbers did not approve of the way that DeChambeau has kicked the ball recently. “I still believe that golf is a sport requiring special skills. And we need to balance it with technology in this subject,” the CEO of R&A said.

Golf tournaments

American Golf suffers from hard damage due to Covid-19

The pandemic has made the American golf field lose 20 million each play just during the period of 2 months, according to the latest report of the National Golf Foundation (NGF).

NGF is a highly recognized golf specialized research organization in the US. This agency estimates the number of rounds that American golf has lost from March to April to be equivalently one billion dollars. This is also the loss of American golf revenue during the peak period of the epidemic, not including events, cuisine, and retail of specialized products.

Before the crisis, NGF recorded the number of golf rounds to undergo the double-digit growth during the first and second months of February. However, due to the negative effects of the pandemic made on the whole world and its consequences for the socio-economy in the US this ratio – in comparison to the same period in last year decreased by 9% in March, 42% in April and 16% for the whole industry.

According to NGF statistics in 2019, the US has 16,383 golf courses in total and more than 50% of them were closed in almost April. However, by the beginning of May, American golf began to prosper again, with 79% of golf rounds have been re-opened. As of June 7, this rate is 98%, 6% higher than the retail segment of golf courses.

In addition, NGF has also collected various opinions from the golf community in the current issue of playing golf in a “new normal” condition despite the fact that many places still recommend “social distance”. The results showed that more than 50% of the participants felt comfortable to maintain a distance of one meter or less with people around them.