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Golf fans are happier than fans of other sports

A recent study revealed that golf fans are happy and engaged to interact with the side activities of the sport.
Specifically, Britain’s number one online golf equipment store (Golfsupport) conducted a survey of 6,530 sports fans around the globe. From there, based on the obtained data, we analyzed the fan satisfaction rating, the like – dislike rate (like and dislike) of the videos on Youtube and the level of interaction on social networks. . The results showed that golf ranked number one.

With a happiness index of 90.8 / 100, golf fans topped the list of 10 sports including athletics, tennis, Formula 1 racing, cricket, baseball, boxing, basketball, American rugby and soccer. . The golf fan also has the highest satisfaction (satisfaction) rating among the fans surveyed, with 90.3 / 100.
During the survey, Golfsupport asked fans how satisfied they were on a scale of 1 to 10 with the accessibility of a subject’s coverage, personal experience, support costs, and interests. enjoy playing as well as idol, ideal role model for that sport. There was also a level of fan excitement when watched live; the payment of expenses for related goods; the degree of satisfaction with the president or head director; complexity in the rules of the game and associated sponsors.