Golf courses

Discover the oldest golf courses in the world (Part 2)

Royal County Down Golf Course (Ireland)

This golf course was founded in 1889 in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. With an 18-hole course design and 7,200 yards wide it always challenges golfers at all levels.

The special feature of Royal County Down is that the 4th and 9th holes on the course are listed in the list of the world’s best 500 holes. The yard is designed with 2 sub-yards, The Championship and Annesley.

Royal County Down was officially put into operation in March 1889, designed by the hand of Old Tom Morris. The impressive design of the golf course is the identical mountain ranges and the picturesque nature. With the narrowest fairway with impressive sand dunes.

Not only is the golf course long-standing, but the Royal County Down is also known as the best golf course in the world. Hole 9 is one of the most beautiful pits in the world, par4 / 486 yards starting from a large mound to the fairway 60 feet and 260 yards from the teebox.

Lahinch Golf Course (Ire Land)

This is the oldest coastal golf course in the world, the course is made up of a combination of the village of Lahinch village and the northern coastline of Munster, Ireland.

This golf course was found and completed in 2892. Found in 1893. The course has been marked with numerous tournaments and shoe prints by professional golfers such as Joe Carr (1969), Darren Clarke (1989), Paul McGinley (1991) and Graeme McDowell (2000), etc. Lahinch Golf Course (Ireland).

Lahinch is always a golf course that attracts many golfers to visit and experience. What makes the impression of this golf course is not only in its history but also in its beauty, both classical and mysterious. If Once done golf tourism, do not miss the opportunity to set foot on this golf course!

In addition, the Muirfield golf course (Scotland – built in 1891) and Poortmarnock (Ireland – built in 1894) are also listed as the oldest golf courses in the world, where heated matches take place.

The oldest golf courses in the world are always great destinations that golfers cannot miss. If you ever come to this golf course, in addition to watching and discovering the inherent beauty, do not miss the opportunity to experience the round of golf on the golf course full of fun with friends!

Golf courses

Discover the oldest golf courses in the world (Part 1)

The golf courses with the oldest history in the world are St Andrew, Royal County Down, Lahinch, etc. There are often big tournaments and shoe prints of legendary golfers. Ancient golf has always attracted golfers and became a soul of green sport.

According to many sources, golf was born in the 15th century, in Scotland. Over a long time of formation and development, golf is a sport that attracts a large number of players worldwide and the number of fans is constantly increasing.

In addition to technical stories, scores, golf village legends, people often learn about golf courses with a rich history. From there, explore the characteristics of golf course construction and design in the world over time and add to the love and passion of this green sport.

For a long time, golf was not only known for its strict rules and special techniques but also for its elaborate and impressive golf course design. And the first golf courses in the world still exist, become a soul, a beauty of golf.

St Andrews Old Course Golf Course (Scotland)

St Andrews Old Course was built in 1400 in Scotland, which is considered the hometown of golf and also the birthplace of the oldest golf law in the world. Do not just wait until you arrive at the golf course to admire the beauty of the old golf course.

To get to the golf course, you will weave through small paths, past wheat fields, and green pastures. Go all the way there, a golf course opens before you with classic beauty.

A special feature of this golf course is the fairway and the green that connects hole 1 and hole 18. Separation between a stone bridge, where the footprints of the top golfers in the world.

This golf course is attracting famous golfers, politicians, billionaires in the world. In addition, the golf course also regularly organizes golf tournaments in which The Open Championship is the oldest golf tournament in history.

St Andrews Links is a 7-course golf course designed in the form of “Links Course”, including Old Course, The Castle Course, New Course, Jubilee Course, Eden Course, Strathtyrum Course, and Balgove Coursem.

This 464 year old golf course has two outstanding challenges: wind and bunker. The course surface and fairway conditions of the course are very suitable for the peak games, the rough grass (outside the green and the fairway) in most Scotland courts is usually natural, so whenever the ball is outside the fairway, You have to consider the defense solution rather than attacking the flag.