Doug Sanders – Golfer being the first runner-up of The Major 4 times passed away at the age of 86

Dug Sanders – golfer whose nickname is the ”Peacock on the Fairway” sadly passed away on the 12th, April in Houston at the age of 86. This information has been confirmed by PGA through Dug’s ex-wife.

Born in 1933 in Georgia, nearby Dug’s house was a small 9-hole golf course. Since he was knee-high go grasshopper, Sanders learned to play golf on his own and developed the skill of swinging. He studied at a Florida university and took part in the university golf team in 1 year. When he was just an amateur golfer, he already gained a victory in PGA Tour when he successfully defeated Down Finsterwald after a lot of play-off matches in the Canadian Open tournament in 1956. After this event, he began to be a professional golfer.

Getting the nickname as ”the peacock on the fairway”, Sanders made a great impression on others throughout various golf plays by wearing and mixing shirts, trousers, and shoes in different colors. Not only impressing others by his appearance but also Doug Sanders gained a lot of titles and outstanding victory with 20 win matches in PGA Tour. Among all of these titles, especially in 1961, Sanders won 5 times and one time was the first runner-up in the U.S Open. At this year, he ranked 3rd on the list of top golfers regarding of money awarded of PGA Tour.

Throughout his career of professional golfing, Doug Sanders had been the first-runner totally 4 times in the Major tournaments. During these matches, he was lost to Jack Nicklaus 2 times in The Open in 1966 and 1970. Until now, the record has still been set in The 1970 Open when Sanders only needed to score par on the last hole for the final victory, however, he failed on the 3 feet hole and the playoff facing with Jack Nicklaus in the next day. This is one of the most memorable moments in former Doug Sanders’ golfing career.