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Charles Schwab Challenge 2020 will be the first event which is tailored by the most top-notch competing list throughout the history of being held since 1946. However, to practice all the measures and rules for prohibiting the large spread of Covid-19, the tournament will give no permission to the spectators for coming to the competing golf course.

According to the latest announcement from the The Organization Department, Charles Schwab Challenge will take place from the 11th of June to the 14th of June on the Colonial golf course in Fortworth, Texas. 

Throughout some previous seasons, there have been very few golfers who are well-known in the golf field chose this tournament to compete. However, to all the negative effects that Covid-19 has made on different aspects of life recently, everything in Texas will be differentiated. It is expected that in this year’s season, there will be 144 golfers who take part in as competitors in the challenge, among all of them there will be 30 golfers who are in Top 50 best golfers of the world.

The golf raking expert of Golf Channel, Alan Robiston revealed that based on some commitment made during this year season (including the top 1 worldwide player Rory Mcllroy, the top 3 Brooks Koepka, the 5th-ranked Dustin Johnson and the 7th-ranked Patrick Reed), Charles Schwab Challenge will gain the total point of 560 and 66 points will be spared for the winner. 

The one and only bad news for this year’s tournament is that there will be no spectators on golf course. Even though previously, in the 28th of May, Ms Greg Abbott – The governor of Texas gave out the indication of allowing spectators coming to the outside sports events (not over 25% of the revenue’s capacity). However, Schwab Challenge Organization Department still keep their behind-the-door competing plan unchanged.