The American golfer kicks off nearly 91 meters high

Not only creating the impression of horizontal distance, Kyle Berkshire’s swing of the driving force stick also takes the ball to new heights.

Berkshire may be a six-time long-distance soccer event champion, including the 2019 World Long Drive Championship crowning with 406 yards within the final. The Berkshire record ever recorded during this contest is 492 yards.Recently, the golfer born in 1996 also recorded a “record” of high altitude. “This is one among the very best hits I’ve ever hit. it’s nearly 300 feet (91.44 m) tall and flies within the air for about 10 seconds, ”Berkshire said of the new feat on Instagram. consistent with the technical information display at the Drive Shack training ground in West Palm Beach, Florida, from the time the club head touched the ball to the landing, the ball was within the air for 14.5 seconds. the utmost height of the ball was 270 feet (82.3 m), flew 224 yards and continued rolling another 4 yards. Launch angle is at 27.9 degrees while ball speech reaches 169 mph, or 272 km / h.With these numbers, the ball might not get on green as is usually seen. “Would like to see the ball that this high kick left,” Berkshire added on his personal account. especially, the “long-range pitcher” at the PGA Tour Bryson DeChambeau liked the Berkshire post. Considered to be a comparatively safe sport within the context of epidemics, golf business is booming quite ever within the country with the most important number of golf courses within the world.