Golf tournaments


The United States Golf Association (USGA) on the 18th, May announced to cancel organizing elimination round for choosing slots for the major events in which they are the host due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

This decision is also applied to other tournaments of USGA during 2020. Moreover, they also crossed out 4 events for the middle-aged and elderly amateur golfers, both male and female.

”This is a really tough decision because the elimination round is the key factor for other events of USGA. We feel a great sense of pride while thousands of people have always been in the will of chasing the golfing dream with professional tournament and it is such a shame that we have to miss this year’s tournament. However, we believe that this is totally reasonable and suitable for the rest of the 2020 plan and further years’ plans.” the Chief Executive of USGA John Bodenhamer said in the first announcement made at the beginning of this week.

Previously, USGA had announced to cancel 6 official tournaments due to Covid-19.

In the USGA tournament this year, therefore, there will only be 4 events with the highlighted one is U.S Women’s Open with the other 2 open female and male tournaments. By canceling the official elimination round, this tournament will only welcome holders being specially offered wild cards. 

The organizing schedule for the female US Open tournament has been adjusted to last from the 17th to 20th, September instead of June as traditionally. The dual events for female and male amateur tournaments will take place at the half beginning of August. With other candidates being offered wide cards, the organizing department will make an announcement detailed in a few incoming weeks. They have yet made up their mind about whether there will be spectators for the competitions or not.