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What creates the legendary golf technique Tiger Woods? (Part 2)

Technique 2. Focus is the most important weapon

Highly focused is Tiger’s most important and decisive moment. This is done consistently by Tiger Woods in each of his strokes and creates the brand, as well as the success of this golfer worldwide.

Technique 3. The technique of holding the Putter brings the top of the ball

To achieve a professional putting ball like Tiger Woods, the most important thing is the technique of sticking, with the force to affect the ball.

Unlike the driver holding technique, when putting putter requires the golfer to have the starting point in the right direction as well as the control of his distance and should note the following points:

Need to hold the rod properly, with the same body direction as the direction of the fight. There is no need to keep your eyes down, it is important to keep your head in the position it is in. The weight of the body now falls slightly toward the toes, shoulders should not be too high.

Should keep the clubface always at right angles to the direction of the ball when in contact, so will create a standard posture. Minimize the involvement of hand force, help to control the sticks more closely with the upper half of the body.

No need to use too much force to hold and put the ball with the Putter so the golfer can put the club up evenly and stably. In addition, the way of holding the stick also creates a stable rhythm, the speed of putting the club up to half as fast as the speed of putting the stick down.

Therefore, from these things created the excellent golf putting technique of the legendary Tiger Woods in the world golf village.

Above are some of the top golf techniques of the legendary Tiger Woods in the world golf village. Hopefully the article above can help golfers have more knowledge to make a better putter.